The Art of James Brandon Allen

James Brandon Allen. This is eye popping art that invokes strong feelings in music lovers and others. Bright colors, bold shapes and contrasts make this art a must see. View more of Jame's work HERE

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Judith Lynn suffers from Meniere's Disease, a condition that affects the middle ear. She is just getting started in her art carreer and listing her work on ebay. You can access her about me page on ebay HERE Or you can access her home page online HERE.
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Jane Kohler is Ohio artist who works in acrylics, colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, textiles and clay. Her work is shown locally and she has pieces in private collections in England, Australia, Canada and the U.S.  Her work has been used in the media, on business cards and in Moondance Magazine. Contact Turnip for information.
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This is a a watercolor of Tsonoqua, the wild woman of the Kwakiutls, a NW coast tribe of Native Americans. Submitted by Janet Martin (Janet in OR)

Cat Adams' PERSONAL GALLERY OF ART. A wonderful collection of reverse paintings. Coming soon, Cat's canvas paintings and wood items.

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