Robin August - Collage made with leaves and other natural materials.
View Robins' work at
The website also has some writings about dealing with her illness (fibromyalgia, cfids, and other immune disorders). 
People interested in her work can contact her at

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Birch Oak Leaves, 5x7
Collected on Wagon Road Gap, Pisgah

National Forest.  Vintage Lace, gold ink,
hand-made papers. 2004.

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Birch Leaves and Fiddler Fern with Vintage Lace, 8x10
Gold and irridescent pearl paints and hand-made papers. Collected on Spivey Mountain, Asheville. October 2003
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Mixed Media with Fern, 5x7.
Collected on Spivey Mountain.

Handmade paper, silver, copper, and gold beads. Green ribbon and heart novelty.


Janice Ferguson a member of the FMSNI (Northern Ireland) community. She was diagnosed with FM
and in order to keep sane began making Wedding Stationery and Greetings cards. Website

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 Debbie Riendeau. Contact Debbie through her webpage if you are interested in any of her works.

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