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Dick Blick Art Materials One of the cheapest resources available for artists in all mediums.

Moon Dance Magazine. A great E-Zine for women artists, writers and poets. Classes available, join the Women Artists and Writers International
W.A.W.I. Submit your work and more. A WONDERFUL site for women in the arts.

How to photograph your art.

xylemdesign Provides a wide range of wooden and other easels for decorative, commercial or personal use.

Writing A Great Artist Statement.

Tips for setting up an outdoor art show for function and your comfort.

Tips for Successfully Photographing Your Artwork

Art Studio Chalkboard Perspective, shading, and composition.

Art Show. An online resource to help you find art workshops, juried shows, local artists and stores in your area.

Colored Pencil Techniques   Kristy Kutch explains the step-by-step process she uses to create her colored pencil drawings.

That's Colored Pencil?!  After a discussion of basic techniques and the materials needed,Gary Greene takes you thru a step-by-step demo.

Color Pencil Challenge   Monthly lessons from expert color pencil artists, an online gallery of participating artists' works, links to important advice and other color pencil resources, and a forum for discussions.

How To Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Artists Make When Licensing their Art by Lance J. Klass President, Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing. Protect your work so you can profit off of future sales while maintaining the copy right to your image.

Artists and Graphic Designers Market, 2003   It is the artist's bible.  If you wish to aspire to greater heights in selling your art, you need this book.  It touches on doing portfolios and presentations. It  tells you what you need to have prepared and available when approaching a company.  It lists  all companies that pay for freelance art in many venues, such as music, calendars, books, advertising etc.  It lists the companies and their  names, address, phone number,email, and the person in charge that you want to contact. It also tells you what each company wants to see in your interview or submission, such as  slides or photocopies. It also lists what they are willing to pay for your services if you are accepted.

Painting with Colored Pencils Barbara Newton discusses grisaille, juxtapositioning of colors, and preserving the white of the paper.

Anatomy, Perspective and Composition for the Artist by Stan Smith. (April 2002) This one guides you along very well in that it eases you into the rules of perspective and portraying anatomy in a gentle and easy to absorb manner. Stan Smith uses simple drawings rather than photographs to explain portraying anatomy, which I found easy to reproduce. This gave me the confidence to continue on and wasn't as intimidating as some so called beginner books can be. Thousands of items available at low prices. They have a good reputation for customer satisfaction. You do have to set up an account here, to be able to navigate the whole site and get the bargains.

Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression by John Graham-Pole, forward by Patch Adams  Find the healing that can come from the use of Poetry, painting, sculpture, music, crafting and other arts. Wake up your creativity and let it work for you.

Art Supply Warehouse.   A large supply of artists supplies, often at below market prices.

Copy Right Basics.  How do you copyright a piece? What are your rights? When will you be held accountable for a piece that resembles that of another artist?

Artist Statement.  Something all artists face sometime. People want to know who and what you are before they invest in your work. But.....what do you write? Here is a good site explaining just how to put together your statement. New!

Cheap Joes  A safe, low cost site to buy drawing and painting supplies.

Boxes. Shipping can be a nightmare for an artist. How to ship, where to get the boxes and more. Here is a site that sells boxes at a reasonable price.

WetCanvas Cyber living for artists. News, resources, articles. Support and chat. Get advice on how to better sell your art online. Technical advice as well., is an online artist community which hosts artists for free since December 2000.  Since then it has expanded to 520,000 hits attracting artists, buyers and those who are simply interested in art.

Juried online arts festival.  Contemporary fine arts & crafts galleries for artists creating original handmade work! Add your work.

Pat Catan's Craft Center. Available in Ohio and part of PA. 40% off of almost all merchandise. Cheapest resource I have found for art and craft supplies in all mediums. They also hold classes in many mediums.

Prismacolor - Resource for some of the finest colored pencils, markers and blenders on the market

Pya's Art - Wonderful, unique art.

Sculpey - Polymer clay outlet, plus projects, tips and hints.

Airbrush information and techniques. Learn the basics here and read the FAQ.

Art Workshops directory. Showcase your work, find information, get connected.

Artshow - A wonderful site to find artist, information and more. You must pay to be listed on this site.

Crafters Community.

Art on the net. Add your link for free.

How to make your own Stretcher frames for Canvas. Step by step instructions with photos.

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