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Our Organization and an Overview of Fibromyalgia

~ What is Fibromyalgia?
~ Fibromyalgia Treatment

~ Cognitive Trouble. aka "Fibro Fog"
~ Fibromyalgia Information
~ Trigger Points vs. Tender Points
~ Living with Fibromyalgia
~ Fibromyalgia - Amplified Pain
~ The Emotional Side of Chronic Pain
~ Fibromyalgia; Current Treatments
~ Myth Busters - The Fibro Way!
Fibro friendly Recipes
~ Fibro Pt. Treated Like Mental Case!

Doctors, Support Groups, Newsletters

Find a Doctor
~ Fibrom-L. Online Support Group
~ Online Support Groups
~ Local Support Groups
~ Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Support

~ Social Security Disability Newsletter

~ The Art of Coping With Change

Overlapping Conditions

Chronic myofascial Pain
~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
~ Sjogren's Syndrome 
~ Irritable Bowel Syndrome
~ Pain Research
~ Headaches
~ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Medication Facts
~ Medication Options
~ Free & Low Cost Medication
FDA Approves Cymbalta
Drug & Supplement Interaction

Disability and Career

Filing for Disability
~ 7 Habits for Power in the Workplace
~ Evaluation Form for Disability Claims
~ Workplace accommodations
~ Home Employment Opportunities

Useful Forms/Publications

~ Symptom Journal
~ Medical Evaluation Form - Disability
~ Headache Journal
~ IBS Journal
~ Energy Journal
~ Letter to a Spouse/Partner
~ Open Letter To Normal's
~ Letter From Freda.

Specialty Information

~ Newsletter Archives
~ Alternative Therapies/Treatments
~ Children and Young Adults
~ Chronic Behavioral Therapy. Is it ok?
~ Exercise and Chronic Illness
~ Intimacy and Fibromyalgia
~ Manage Housework with Chronic Pain

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~ FM Organizations
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Help Filing Disability Claims

Visit "Ask Beth" for help and support in filing for disability benefits.

Fibromyalgia Can No Longer Be Called The "Invisible" Syndrome

Using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), researchers in France were able to detect functional abnormalities in certain regions in the brains of patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, reinforcing the idea that symptoms of the disorder are related to a dysfunction in those parts of the brain where pain is processed...

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New Application may be the First To Validate and Identify MTP's (TrP's) of Chronic Myofascial Pain. More

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Artist Loft
A place for those living with chronic pain and fatigue to showcase their talents and build a home business.
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the silenced epidemic that
affects us all."
Janis Murphy

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Musician, singer and songwriter,
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with Fibromyalgia.
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