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Many people are under the impression that the FMS Community and the CSSA.org are a corporate run organization with offices in a central location. In reality we are four people who live in different parts of the country who live with FM, CMP, CFIDS, IBS, diabetes and more.


Nancy Solo had a vision and didn't stop until it was a reality. Often funding the operation out of her own pocket she founded the CSSA, a not for profit organization dedicated to helping people with FM, CMP, CFIDS, IBS and over-lapping conditions. Nancy met Chip Davis, who founded the FMS Community and they merged not only the two organizations, but their own lives as they married and began their new life together.Once a high profile financial wizard in Boston, Nancy's health forced her to give up her career.
She dedicated herself full time to the organization.

_Chip Headshot_121107_-1.jpg (339370 bytes)Chip Davis founded the FMS Community, a one stop shop for health information and a directory
of instructions for Fibrom-l, the largest and most trusted online support group for those living with FM. Chip is a gifted musician who owned his own grahic design and print shop before illness forced him to retire. Often paying server fees out of his own pocket over the years Chip fights to keep the site, and its many services alive, and free to those in need. The CSSA and the FMS Community merged, as did Chip and Nancy and today we put out a newsletter that reaches over 2,000 people, maintain a care provider
list to help connect visitors with caring doctors, a list of local support groups and up to date information on therapy, medication and exercise.

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Jane Kohler worked in hospital management before her health forced her to give it up. After working as a co-fac on the Fibrom-l supprt group with Chip and Nancy she jumped at the chance to get aboard the CSSA and the FMS Community. Together they worked on ways to make the site better. The Artists Loft was added to help those with disabilities show case and sell their work. They introduced a care provider list that only contains listings by patients, doctors are not allowed to self-refer themselves. They dedicated a section to support group listings, disability information to help you file a successful claim and more. We also started accepting health related books from authors that we read before listing a review. Jane's favorite part of the job is giving away the books and other products.

Mary McKennell
is the editor of the FMS Community newsletter. Mary is a licensed social worker and is employed by the Loma Linda VA Medical Center. She is specialized in the areas of geriatrics, medical social work and end of life issues.  She facilitates a live FM support group and a local on line group for those who are unable to make it to a live group.  In addition she teaches a wellness class, called First Place.  Mary writes the editors corner and gathers the latest in research, treatment and general health issues to send out in the newsletter.    She is committed to the cause of educating people how to live life to the fullest, despite having a chronic illness.  She is grateful for finding a regimen that allows her to function at this level despite having FMS/CFS/CMP and some other alphabet soup problems.


We have served the FM Community for more than 14 years and look forward to serving for many more!

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