Energy Conservation Priority List

Print this form off for use daily, weekly or monthly.
Assign each task a number and vow to tackle high priority jobs first and leave the lower scoring tasks for another day.
Organizing your thoughts can help prioritize your day and conserve your energy.

  • A task rated number one would be high priority, something that can not be ignored.

  • A task rated number four is something that you may want to do, but it is not an immediate concern.

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1 2 3 4
Work Related        
Report to my job        
Put in extra hours to complete a task        
Bring work home        
Volunteer for new projects        
Help a co-worker with a problem        
Make a job change        
If an educator, grade papers etc.        
Attend to support group needs        
Home Life        
Grocery Shop        
Shop for clothes or household items        
Shop for a special occassion        
Care for sick/aging family member        
Complete school work        
Wash Dishes        
Pick up clutter        
Clean Bathroom        
Clean a closet        
Cook a homemade meal        
Clean kids room        
Clean Oven        
Change Bedding        
Clean Refridgerator        
Yard work        
Clean Basement        
Clean Attic        
Car repair or Maintenance        
Attend a social function        
Walk the Dog        
Give Dog a Bath        
Clean animal cages/aquariums        
Doctor appointment        
Volunteer work        
Help child with homework        
Attend a spouses business function        
Fill out important forms such as taxes and disability papers.        
Call/visit friends or family        
Organize/redecorate a room        
Pay Bills        
Other Tasks        
Special Tasks
I have taken care of myself today.

* If you have taken frequent breaks and refrained from feeling guilty over undone tasks, give your self a 1. If not, give your self a 4 and vow to try harder.


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