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The Community Reviews the FENIX trp system.

FMS Community Product Review - May 2007

This product review will address the FENIX Rehab system. It is a device that was designed to treat myofascial trigger points. (trp’s) The product has been received by this reviewer and has been used following all manufacturer recommendations.
The FENIX systems (Pronounced Phoenix) are manufactured by FRE, Inc. it was created by Dr. Greg Fors, DC. He is listed as a chronic pain expert and a board – certified Neurologist. It is billed as a home-based trigger point therapy program. It comes with the usual disclaimer telling you that you should consult with a physician before undertaking a new therapy and that their information and advice is not to be construed as a diagnosis etc.
They can be found at:
(888) 299-6647

They offer three different units for different needs and budgets. The first is the FENIX Still Point. The second is the FENIX Deluxe Model. The third (soon to be discontinued) is the FENIX Lotus. This reviewer used the deluxe model.
All the models use the same principal. It is a Polyethylene board with pre-drilled holes that hold rubber tipped “digits” made from hard wood capped by supple rubber. You insert the digits into the holes at an angle needed to address a problem area. You lie down and position the digit under the problem trp and let your body apply the pressure.
Example; You insert two of the digits in holes that correspond with your neck width and lay down with your neck resting on the digits. Your own body weight will allow the rods to push on the trps. (I recommend light stretching before you use the device.)
The product comes with a lot of literature and they walk you through it on their website. If you are able to purchase the deluxe model you will receive a CD to give you added support.

Product Integrity:

I was impressed by the product as I unpackaged it. The board itself is constructed with High density Polyethylene. The digits are a high quality wood that is smooth and easy to insert into the board. I did have a couple of digits that were slightly smaller than their corresponding holes that caused them to wobble a bit. I was able to stop the wobble on those two pegs by wrapping tape around them. The rubber tips that come into contact with your body provide some padding but apply enough pressure to work on a trp. The tips are attached firmly to the wood and I don’t see them falling off unless the unit was severely abused. The product was packaged very well for shipment and I don’t see to many ways it could be damaged in transit.
The product has a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for one year. If any part of the product should fail, (if used as directed by the guidebook) you must return the part with the original receipt. You must pay shipping charges for replacement parts. $8.00 for the treatment board and $1.00 for a digit.

Product Performance:
When I opened the package containing this product I thought I was looking at some old time torture device. I think I actually shuddered as I pulled the wooden digits out of their bags. I have Chronic Myofascial Pain that affects my shoulders, neck and hips. There are days when I can not even hold my arms up long enough to do a thorough brushing of my teeth. I had tried putting tennis balls under my neck. I have been known to lean my shoulders into a door jam to push on a point or ram my neck onto a coffee table to get relief. One of my biggest problems was my dog! Every time I attempted to use tennis balls to release points my dog would push me around in an attempt to steal them.
I bit the bullet and read all of the included literature and I went to the website to check out this product before trying it. Finally the time came for me to load the board with two carefully placed pegs to address some pesky trps in my neck. I put the pegs in the board and put the board on the floor.
My first attempt failed. I have hardwood floors and the bottom of the unit is smooth and slippery. Every time I tried to scoot onto the board it slipped out from under me. This is the one drawback to the unit. Once I placed a towel under the board it stayed put. The other option would be to use the unit on a couch or a bed.
Once I solved the sliding problem the unit performed as promised. As I relaxed and let the digits press on my trps I felt some of the pain slip away. Unlike the theracane this unit allows you to totally relax, your own body weight applies the needed pressure. You don’t have to use your arms to push or pull to apply pressure like you have to do with the theracane.
It took some time to find the right combination of digits, length of use and amount of pressure but once I got that under control I found my life was much better. This product has changed my life and I recommend it to anyone who suffers from trps.

You should not use this product if you bruise easily or suffer from poor circulation.
If you are diabetic do not use this product without consulting your doctor.
Make sure you have a diagnosis of CMP (Chronic Myofascial Pain) before use.
Start slowly. Don’t subject a muscle to prolonged pressure at the beginning.

What is it going to cost me?

The FENIX Still Point runs $49.95
The FENIX Deluxe runs $119.95
The FENIX Lotus Point runs $65.00
Shipping within the U.S.A. is between $7.00 and $14.00. The price will be higher if you are ordering out of the U.S.

Over all product rating with 1 being the lowest rating and 4 being excellent.
Shipping: 4
Product Quality: 3
Ease of Use: 4
Effectiveness: 4 (with practice)
Cost: 2 (cost is out of range for most sufferers who are unable to work.)

Please direct all questions concerning this product to:
You can also contact them at FRE, Inc. 1955 130th Ave Mora, MN 55051 or phone 888-299-6647 or 320-679-4034. Fax them at 320-679-3620
FMS Community