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The Fibromyalgia Community Newsletter # 8

Friday, 01/26/2002

What's Inside:
2) Article: Pain, the Disease
3) Research: Exercise in the treatment of chronic pain
4) Research: Modafinil in Fibromyalgia Treatment (Letter )
5) News Release: FDA Approves Frova (Frovatriptan Succinate) for Migraines
6) Release: Jury Out On Single-Dose Morphine For Temporomandibular Joint Pain
7) FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Report: Effective Treatments for Fibromyalgia
8) Article: How do I know if I might have chronic fatigue syndrome?
9) Humor: Health Food Alert Wellness Program
10) Links: Tips for making homes more eco-friendly and allergy proof
11) News Release: FDA Approves New Percocet Strengths With Lower Acetaminophen Doses
12) Article: Therapy, massage and tailor-made exercise offer respite from the nagging torment of fibromyalgia
13) Article: Tune In, Zone Out
14) Research: Long-Term follow-up on restless legs syndrome patients treated with opioids
15) Article: How to safely take medications
16) Announcement: The Fibromyalgia Community's January Contest!

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