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Fibromyalgia Newsletter # 5

Friday, 01/04/2002

What's Inside:
1) Article: Tai Chi May Lessen Arthritis Pain
2) Research: New Test for FMS: Algotensiometry
3) Website : The Fully-Automated Fill-in-the-Blanks FOI Letter Generator
4) Website: Do you qualify for free prescription drugs?
5) Press Release: Cypress Files IND to Begin Clinical Testing of Drug Candidate For Treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome
6) Article: Finding a Doctor Who Understands Complementary And Alternative Medicine
7) Research: Prevalence of Insomnia Symptoms in Patients With Sleep-Disordered Breathing
8) Article : Living within My Envelope: A How To Story
9) Press Release: Rep. Wolf Asks GAO and HHS to Investigate Oxycontin Marketing
10) Research: Modafinil in Fibromyalgia Treatment
11) Article: Review Offers Lowdown on Who Needs Vitamins

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