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Fibromyalgia Newsletter # 3/ Part A.

Friday, 12/14/2001

What's Inside:
1) Research: Hemodynamic instability in chronic fatigue syndrome
2) Article : FM news and information
3) Research: Levels and Stability of the Alpha Sleep Anomaly
4) Research: Conscious and automatic uses of memory in chronic pain patients.
5) Article : Advice to a New Patient
6) Article : FDA Says Antidepressant Must Carry Warning: Paper
7) Article : Sexual Desire and FMS
8) Research: Pain, Pleasure Take Similar Path in Brain: Study
9) Article : 358 New Medicines for Women
10) Article : Holiday Survival Guide
11) Research: Focus On Osteoporosis
12) Research: Beneficial Effects Of Exercise On Osteoarthritis Wane Over Time
13) Research: Gene May Link Inflammatory Disease Of Spine/Joints, Skin, Eye And Bowel
14) Research: Getting the FDA Hooked on Ecstasy
15) Research: New Depression And Anxiety Treatment Goals Defined

Fibromyalgia Newsletter # 3 Part B

Friday, 12/14/2001

What's Inside:
16) Research: Overnight Sleep Loss Boosts 'Sleep Hormone'
17) Article : Update FM-program Cypress Bioscience
18) Research: A new take on psychoneuroimmunology
19) Message : A Tombstone for Sherryl
20) Article : Hypothetical
21) Research: Fibromyalgia (Critical Review)

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