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Fibromyalgia Community Newsletter #23

Saturday, July 06, 2002

What's Inside:
1) Discrimination of FM patients from normal controls using levels of cerebrospinal chemicals
2) Fibromyalgia may be on the increase
3) Fibromyalgia: After the Diagnosis
4) Canaries in the mines: A personal account of MCS
5) Toxic Chemicals Seen Contributing To Increased Childhood Illness
6) Women With Fibromyalgia Have Impaired Growth Hormone Secretion
7) Fibromyalgia pain isn't all in patients' heads, new brain study finds
8) The role of fear of physical movement and activity in chronic fatigue syndrome
9) Illness experience, depression, and anxiety in chronic fatigue syndrome
10) Self-appraised problem solving and pain-relevant social support as predictors of the experience of chronic pain
11) Tender Point Injections Revisited
12) An Overview of Fibromyalgia for Newly Diagnosed Patients
13) Rheumatic mimics and selected triggers of fibromyalgia Neuroendocrine abnormalities in fibromyalgia.
14) Neuroendocrine abnormalities in fibromyalgia
15) Endplate potentials are common to midfiber myofacial trigger points.
16) Neuropharmacologic targets and agents in fibromyalgia.
17) Coping with fibromyalgia. A qualitative study.

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